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The MediaShed is the first "free-media" space to open in the east of England. It's a place where members can come hang out, learn, propose some training, create and propose new projects using free-media or show things they have made on one of our screening nights. The MediaShed is designed to be as open and accessible as possible, welcoming all.

The MediaShed is a Community Interest Company

Video Sniffin still - short film in a CCTV network

Free-media is best thought of as a means of doing art, making things or just saying what you want for little or no financial cost by using the public domain and free software and recycled equipment. It is also about saying what you want "freely", using accessible media that can be taken apart and reused without unnecessary restrictions and controls - "free as in free speech".

Replacing money with imagination

The MediaShed is not just another clique for arty types and tech heads. It is a place where members and guests can:

Did you know - the MediaShed is completely run using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and waste electronic equipment'?

The MediaShed now has over 100 members and has run workshops, several screenings and exhibition events and completed its first public project “Video Sniffin” for the “Being Here” event in April.

Video Sniffin still - short film in a CCTV network

So come to the Shed and start doing things for yourselves by building your own project, helping others or getting tooled up on trash technology. The MediaShed is not run with a view to profit and so we don't see you as a customer or client, but as a key player in making a difference for yourself and others! The skills that you'll learn by being part of the MediaShed are particularly valuable, because you can apply them at home, school or at work for almost nothing but your time.

Find out how to join in by looking through the web site or visiting us,

Thursday, from 5:00pm (SoSLUG til late)

The MediaShed

Unit 38, Grainger Road Industrial Estate,

Southend on Sea, SS2 5DD

T: 01702 460590

The MediaShed is a Community Interest Company